The Leading manufacturer of Innovative Perimeter Fencing & Concrete Reinforcing Mesh using high-resistance welding technology

Steel Products

Our steel products are produced by high-speed machines and adhere to international standards.

Wire Products

Our wire producs are used in the construction sector like perimeter fencing materials and for a host of other engineering applications.

Something about us

Sunsteel Industries Limited ("Sunsteel") is a member of the Suntrail Group, incooporated in 2011, as a wholly indigenous company engaged in the manufacture and production of commercial steel related products. We are a member of the Manufacturers Association of Nigeria (MAN)

Sunsteel products are of great importance to many industries and homes, and are used in residential facilities, industrial building constructions, road construction, oil and gas industries, aviation industries and automotive industries.

After-Sale Service

Sunsteel Industries Limited performs various after-sale services such as installation of Galvanize fencing wires, Galvanize Razor Wires, Barbed Wires and regular maintenance services on all installed products

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Sunsteel's welded mesh ultra modern machines